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Nancy Cisneros
Magic Hands Keisha is a professional who is extremely educated in her craft! I leave feeling less stressed and all tension in my lower back melted away.
sandra mcclure
Massage Best Keisha gave me an 80 min. excellent deep tissue massage. She knew just where to work to improve my range of arm and neck motion,and unlocked my hip that had been bothering me at night or when I exercise. I've already booked my next massage with Keisha!
The best therapy in town Sol State is my go to for every healing need. I have had severe back issues as well as chronic pain for over a decade. I've been to countless Chiropractors and even varied between different theories of treatment(compression adjustments vs advanced bio-structural correction) and nothing provides me the level of relief from 90 minutes at Sol State. I was able to open my left hip for the first time in my life at the age of 25 and I attribute that solely to Keisha's natural talent with healing and muscle therapy.
Tim Howsley
Amazing Keisha is amazing. She knows what she is doing and does it very professionally. Amazing how she finds exactly where you are hurting and rubs it out.
Tim Howsley
Best massage ever Keisha massage Saturday was the best ever. My lower back was hurting and she did a awesome job getting my back to feel great. Thanks
Experience Let me just start by saying Keisha is wonderful and her hands are amazing! I had a procedure done and I couldn’t find anyone that would get me in for a lymphatic drainage massage. (I still had drains) When I called her I was taken by her honesty, knowledge and confidence. Wow!! After my first massage I felt so much better, she explained everything she was doing and why? What to do at home for a faster recover, she was careful and really took care of me. I wanted to get a massage with her everyday after that. But I’m going once a week and every time I get my massage I leave with a great experience. I highly recommend her.
Awesome!! I broke my humerus and had surgery in April. I have had difficulty regaining my range of motion so my PT friend told me to get a massage to work with all my scar tissue and to stretch my muscles and ligaments. Keisha has been a miracle worker in markedly decreasing the scar, increasing range of motion, and decreasing my pain level. She is stellar and I would highly recommend her!
Superior healing technician Keisha Curtis Very professional with an innate ability in relieving pain. You can truly feel the benefits of her therapeuticI massage. I gladly recommend her.
Susan J
The best Keisha is the best if you need a therapeutic massage. She realy knows the workings of the body and can open up tight areas. Great overall massage !!
Ben R
The Best Deep Tissue Massage The very best deep tissue massage I have ever had.Keisha is a very talented massage therapist. I recommend her to anyone that wants to have an therapeutic and enjoyable experience.
Very relaxing She did an amazing job. Very professional, perfect amount of pressure, I would definitely come back!
K. martinez
Excellence I went in today needing help with hardness And swelling on my next post surgery. I received. Therapeutic lymphatic drainage and the swelling is barely noticeable. One more reason I go here for my bodywork and health massage
Jessica Capdeville
Excellent and Professional These are some of the best massages that I have ever had.I go in tired, sore and stiff and leave revived and relaxed. I highly recommend her services!!
Magic Hands Keisha has magic hands!!! She has made aches and pains that other massage therapists have struggled with disappear. Like others have said, she seems so intuitive and knows just where to dive in to relieve pain.
Brad Courtright
Keisha Curtis I have been a regular message person for over 15 years and finding Keisha was a blessing. She has amazing skills for sure. But what really stuck with me is her attitude and approach. Super excited to see what she can do with this old man's beat up body. Highly recommend for all serious message people. She definitely brings her A game!
What a gift! Review of Keisha curtis I had never had a professional massage before and I am so happy with Keisha's service. She knew exactly where my problem area was and how to fix it. I feel great and will definitely book again!
Sue Fritz
Excellent. Review of Keisha curtis Knowledge, skill and professionalism. Keisha does a great job.
Lindsay W
Awesome!! I got a Living Social coupon for a 80 minute deep/sports massage. WOW! is all I can say. She was so awesome and got in and fixed the issues I was having so I could return to my sports pain free. Wonderful! Can't recommend her enough.
awesome sports massage♥ since leaving Tahoe, I have been looking for a good therapist for my aging body. Keisha is the best! She knows how to get right to the source of an issue and work out the knots. She shows you how to stretch and self-massage in between sessions for optimum results. I can keep in top shape for running, skiing, cycling etc with her help even though my body is not as young as it used to be. Book with Keisha and your body will thank you.
Terra G
Best massage therapist ever Review of Keisha curtis Thanks for your strong, healing work! I appreciate you so much! Wish you could clone yourself and have more appointments open! :)
Jennifer Waniewski
Heaven Sent I have been suffering from nerve entrapment on the outside of my left thigh for ten years. HAVE BEEN UP TO 900MG OF Neurontin daily,and seen many chiropractors in Reno and Sacramento. After five sessions with Keisha, the pain is gone. I have weaned myself off of the pain meds, and consider Sol State massage and Keisha my feel great 'guru'.
Ronald Eayrs
Great...great...great Kishsa is an old athletes best friend... She has really helped old injuries and aided flexibility